Staycation plans


Oh it’s been so long since I blogged, life has just got in the way and there hasn’t really been much pampering for the last six weeks or so. I had a fantastic spa break back at the end of August (which I intend to review soon!) and since then I’ve been caught up in both work and home commitments. One of the good things I’ve managed in that time is to get a fab new role at work! And I’ve been rewarded by two weeks holiday between finishing my old one and starting the new one.

I’ve been thinking of ideas for what to do with my two weeks – it’s a ‘staycation’ because I don’t really fancy going away. And I definitely plan to do some serious pampering.

One of the things I’ve been inspired by recently is all the beauty advent calendars coming out ready for Christmas! I absolutely love stuff like this, I’m a sucker for beauty collections, pretty packaging, and the idea that I’m somehow getting a bargain.

However it’s way too early to start cracking into advent calendars, so I thought instead I could do a version of my own for my two weeks off. So every day for the next two weeks I’m going to make time to try out a different beauty product that’s in my collection already. Some of them will be brand new things I’ve never tried before, but I’ll throw in a few old favourites too. The only stipulation is that it can’t be things I already use regularly. And I’ll do a review every day (probably very short reviews!) of what I’ve used.

I’m hoping this idea will get me back into pampering AND blogging. So look out for the more regular posts! That’s it for now though, I’m off to look at curtain fabrics which is the sort of exciting stuff I’m doing with my time off!

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