Review: Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

Okay so I have to warn you that this is going to be an absolutely rave review! This is my favourite new product for a very long time and it’s already fast becoming part of my daily routine. I just wish I’d tried it sooner!

I received this Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle in a beauty box a little while ago (it was the box curated by the amazing Facebook group Mrs Gloss & the Goss which I mentioned in my previous post). I was pretty sceptical that this body moisturiser could actually deliver what it claims – to go straight onto wet skin, no rinsing requires, and be able to towel dry straight away, and still have a moisturising effect? It sounds like witchcraft to me!

I should fess up – most of the time I totally neglect keeping my skin moisturised below the neck. I like a body scrub (remember my scrub-off post?) and I use a moisturising body wash every day, but putting on body lotion is just a massive faff that I rarely have time for. I hate the fact that you have to get dry, put the lotion on (which takes ages) and then lie / stand / walk around for ages in the nude while it soaks in. Plus it invariably gets on your towels, bedding or clothes and makes them greasy. 

Well this product from Sanctuary is a revelation. I followed the instructions exactly, showering, switching off the water and immediately using the lotion while standing in the shower. It is a very runny mixture and it glides very easily onto wet skin. Because of the texture a little goes a long way – the first time I used it I put way too much on, the second time I was much more sparing and it worked much better. I use about half what I would use for normal body lotion.

This lotion just seems to instantly sink into the skin, so you can’t really tell your skin is anything other than just wet. It just feels like water. I really expected it to go sticky when I started towelling but it didn’t. My usual routine is to brush my teeth and tone/exfoliate my face straight after the shower so for me there’s always a few minutes in between showering and drying. By the time I started drying I would not have known I’d put anything on my skin.

This moisturiser has the signature Sanctuary Spa scent which is a quite heady sweet almond smell. I absolutely love it, and I am thrilled that it seems to last for quite a while on the skin after using this product. If you’re not keen on the smell then it might be a bit much, but it’s perfect for me.

After drying, my skin feels soft and moisturised – just as good as if I’d used a normal body lotion on dry skin. And it’s not remotely greasy, although the first time I used it when I put way too much on, it did feel slightly greasy until I rubbed the extra in a bit more. But used sparingly it works brilliantly well. My skin feels like I’ve given it a time consuming all-over treatment when it literally took me 30 extra seconds in the shower. That is a wow product in my book.

If all that wasn’t good enough, like all the Sanctuary Spa line this is a pretty affordable product, at £8 for 200ml. I wish they made different scents and maybe one aimed particularly at dry skin. You can buy this from Boots, it’s even on 3 for 2 at the moment, and I will definitely be buying it again!

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