Review: Rituals ‘The Ritual of Sakura’ foaming shower gel

As you may have read yesterday, I’m doing a treat-a-day thing for the next couple of weeks while I’m on holiday, and I’m going to attempt to blog about all of them!

Yesterday’s treat was this foaming shower gel from Rituals. I’ve not really used Rituals stuff much before, and this was included in a beauty box some time ago. Having said that I ordered a home diffuser from them quite recently and got a free shower gel in a different scent at the same time. I like the design of the brand, although I find the range names (eg The Ritual of …) annoyingly pretentious!

This shower gel comes out as quite a loose watery gel (which I didn’t love) but then lathers up to create a lot of foam which I did like as it felt really luxurious. I had to use it quite liberally to feel properly clean everywhere, so I expect a bottle wouldn’t last long if I was using it every day. This is a 50ml sample size but the full size product is 200ml.

I did really love the unusual rice milk and cherry blossom scent. I think this is Rituals’s signature scent and it was a lovely fresh floral scent with a creamy base which isn’t too heavy.

I’ll definitely use this again on days when I want a bit of a treat feeling. You can buy it on the Rituals website for £8.50 for 200ml.

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