Review: Lush Butterball bath bomb

I know there are some real bath bomb addicts out there. I’m not one of them – I prefer a generous slug of bubble bath – but I treated myself to a few Lush bath bombs recently to see what all the fuss was about.

The butterball is a Lush classic. It’s not the prettiest of bath bombs, nor does it have the wow factor of loads of glitter and sparkles, but I’ve never quite understood the appeal of bathing in glitter anyway. The USP of this bath bomb is because it fills your bath water with silky cocoa butter which is supposed to leave your skin super-soft.

I thought the butterball looked rather pretty as it fizzed away in my bath. It didn’t colour the bath water though, instead just making it look a bit dirty.

Unfortunately I wasn’t greatly enamoured by the effect of the butterball. This is probably because I’m never a great fan of cocoa butter either (except, of course, in food!) It left my bath feeling rather greasy and while it did make my skin feel softer, I’ve had much better results from body scrubs or lotions. Sadly the cocoa butter film in my bath also seemed to pick up every bit of dust and hair and bring it to the surface, so it definitely wasn’t a pleasant bath to lie in.

So I won’t be trying the butterball again, although I still plan to try a few more bath bombs. If you fancy trying this or a different Lush bath bomb, the whole range is available online for many happy hours of browsing!

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