Review: Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage

I’m a little behind on my fortnight of reviews due to a wicked night out (plus hangover) and then a poorly cat and a mad rush to the vets. Thankfully she’s perked up a lot now and my hangover has just about eased off!

This Gatineau exfoliator has been on my shortlist to try for a while. I got this, and the next product on my review list, in a beauty box curated especially for the Mrs Gloss & The Goss Facebook group. So before I get on to the product, I must give the group a hearty recommendation. It’s a fantastic forum to discuss and discover all kinds of beauty, fashion and makeup ideas, and has a really lovely, welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I have learnt so much from there and it’s also excellent for freebies and samples. So go join!

The Gatineau Radiance Enhancing Gommage is an acid based exfoliator (AHAs) which means it’s a good choice for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain grainy bits that physically scrub your skin. I have mild redness so I try to avoid facial scrubs and grainy exfoliators. I found this a very mild product to use which left my skin slightly pink but didn’t really cause the flushed effect I sometimes get from stronger exfoliators.

It has a very mild scent that is slightly lemony and herbal, which you probably wouldn’t notice unless you really stick your nose in. It comes out of the tube in a very thick paste which you then massage in to your skin – as you massage the warmth of your skin turns it to a much slippier liquid which is a pleasant sensation. Then a quick splash off with water and you’re done.

In terms of results, I felt like my skin was brighter and smoother after using this, but didn’t particularly find it hydrating (although it has hyaluronic acid in it which is a hydrating agent). A few hours later and my skin still feels smooth. However I think at least some of the benefit comes from the facial massage you have to give yourself to rub this gommage in as directed. Which is of course just part of the cleverness of the product as it’s so thickly textured at first you really can’t avoid the massaging bit!

Overall I thought this was quick and easy to use and gives good results as an exfoliator suitable for sensitive skin. Like all Gatineau products it’s pretty pricy at £35 for 75ml on the Gatineau website. But look out for bargain prices at QVC and other places.

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