Review: Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate

I’ve had a sample of the Clarins Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck cream waiting for a while. I’m a big Clarins fan and have way more Clarins products than any other brand. They are especially generous with samples – in fact read down for a really good offer at the moment.

However the Super Restorative range isn’t one I usually buy from as it’s aimed at older skins (45+ generally). Hence I’ve never tried this neck and bust cream before.

I’ve been noticing signs of ageing on my décolleté for a while, especially after having lost a bit of weight. It’s so weird the places on your body that you can lose weight from without realising! My chest is definitely showing less elasticity since losing weight, and it’s also got some sun damage as I typically forget to put the factor 50 on there.

The Clarins neck and bust cream is pretty easy to use, it goes on easily as it’s a surprisingly thin texture for a highly moisturising product. It doesn’t have any discernible scent – which I find is often what companies do when they’re signalling a ‘serious’ product! It’s quick to use although obviously it’s an extra product to add to your morning or evening routine.

Since using the cream this morning I’ve noticed an immediate difference in the softness of my skin. I think it’s a product that needs repeated use to see real effects though, so I’ll keep using it til the sample runs out. The full size product is an expensive £58 for 75ml.

If you fancy trying out some Clarins products they have an amazing sample offer on at the moment. They usually give three free samples with every order, but at the moment they’re giving NINE free samples. And there’s no minimum spend so you can buy something for as little as £10 and still get all the samples. Details of the offer are here – get sample picking!

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