The Pamper File

Welcome to my blog! Here's my intro video.

Here at The Pamper File I write about my experiences as a spa and relaxation addict.  You'll find reviews of spa days and spa breaks, beauty, skincare and treatment recommendations, and my thoughts on all things to do with mindfulness, wellbeing and self care.

Spa and treatment reviews

In my spa and treatment reviews I try to particularly focus on confidence and inclusivity. A spa visit should be stress free and joyful, but I know from personal experience that it can be nerve-wracking.  There are so many questions: what should I wear, will I have to undress, should I shave?  Solo spa-goers  may think: will I feel self conscious, will it be all couples and groups?  For larger folk the worries can be: am I too large, will people stare, will the robe fit me, will the massage table take my weight?  And for anyone with health issues: can I get around the spa easily, is this treatment suitable, will the therapist understand my needs?

All these thoughts can cause anxiety, which is not what you want when you need to relax! And sometimes the spa websites and glossy brochures don't help, with intimidating images of perfect bodies, and complicated treatment descriptions.  But I firmly believe that everybody deserves to relax and be pampered, and I want everyone to feel confident about treating themselves to a spa experience!

Product reviews

My product reviews are focused on pampering, relaxation and skin care.  I love moisturizers, oils, masks and creams and have about a zillion different samples that I've collected from various places.  I don't tend to review make up much because I don't wear it on a daily basis, although I enjoy trying out new things, or going all out for a special occasion.

Here comes the science bit…

I tend to be skeptical about miracle claims and pseudoscience.  I don’t believe any treatment or product is going to reverse the aging process or dramatically change how I look.  For me it's all about the pampering and self care, setting aside time for myself, enjoying a little bit of luxury or just having fun.

Mental health

Mental health is something I care deeply about, and part of my focus on relaxation and pampering is about protecting and nourishing my own mental health.  As part of this blog adventure I'm committing to make a monthly donation to a mental health charity.

About me

My name is Lucy and I'm 35 years old. I live with my husband (a resolute non spa-goer) and two cats (who aren't much into beauty treatments but really love relaxation) in west London, UK.  I have a busy full time job, and I'm all about relaxing in my spare time.  I love yoga, good food, Netflix marathons and duvet forts.